5 Ways to Optimize Your Digital Strategy!

Many real estate agents are using the Internet and technology incorrectly – and it’s costing them. So says Chris Smith, co-author of Peoplework: How to run a people-first business in a digital-first world. By using technology the right way – as a means to initiate real conversations with real people – you can become a lead-generation master.

Here are his best tips to maximize your digital reach:

1. Make an honest assessment

Agents should go to their website, spend five minutes on it and ask, ‘would I hire this person?’ Next, look at leads and closings and calculate how much you’re spending versus how much they’re returning. Spend money on what’s working.

2. Invest in quality design

Investing in the design of your website is what makes people trust you on the Internet, Smith says.Check out firms like Canva and 99designs for help in designing websites, flyers, emails, listing presentations, social media images and blog post images. Sites like PicMonkey can help with photo editing.

3. Enlist the help of a web-savvy partner

If you can’t afford to hire someone to manage your digital presence, then it’s vital to have someone on your team who’s passionate about technology, online marketing and social media. Elance is a great source for hiring freelancer designers and writers.

4. Provide relevant, high-quality content

Blogs are helpful in starting conversations with people, but only if your blog content provides information and insight that people need. Hire freelance writers to write high-quality blog posts, and use Facebook to promote those blog posts. It’s also helpful to create a Page on Facebook for each listing with a professional photo, compelling headline and information on the property, without including the price or address – this prompts people to follow up.

Sites like BuzzSumo can give you suggestions on what articles to share in emails. Companies like Happy Grasshopper, an email-marketing firm, can help there as well.

5. Target your follow-ups

Email, followed by a phone call is a great way to follow up on leads, and those who open what you send them are the ones you should contact first. Send mass emails once a month to everyone in your database, and call those who open them the next day, he suggests. Responding to comments and queries generated by your online content is also an important form of following up.